Norrie Russell – Secretary, Halladale Hall and Amenities Association
Forsinard, Sutherland
KW13 6YT

Property Manager of Halladale Hall is Donnie Macaskill. 01641 571 229

Church – shared use for funerals and months with 5 Sundays for services.  One of only 50 buildings in Scotland which is half house, half church. No one has lived premises for last 3 years.


Applied to buy a 125 year lease. Listed B building with expensive renovation costs.

Built in 1909 , it is  a structurally secure building. Trying to secure funding to make the building useable. Corrugated cladding on roof and walls, new windows, rones and downpipes, water ingresses and stove wall plates. Donations given from Church and grazings committee No public funds to date, community had spent own funds for 4 years since the old hall became unusable. Interest has been expressed regarding funding from THC, HIE, Lottery, SLF Community Scotland. Looking at renewable energy possibilities especially wind generation.

Used for whists, weddings, Woman’s Guild, pipe band, choir and population of 40 -50 people who need a central multi use building.

As you can see from thephoto, the Hall has now been substantially renovated from its original layout of accommodation and hall to now being a large hall with extensive facilities including toilets, kitchen and meeting room with folding wall doors to main hall accommodating up to 80 persons. The hall has been available for just over a year now to the Local Community around the Strath-Halladale area.








Our hall has Charity Status and is run by a Committee Chaired by Norrie Russell.

Activities held in the hall as well as religious services include:

One of the first non-profit making organisations is a Community Film Club hosting both Local Regional films and the latest movies. For some, this is the only chance they have of meeting others in the neighbourhood. The success of this venture led to free-entry Children’s film shows via funding from Childcare & Early Education Service of The Highland Council, giving the opportunity for local parents with children to meet in a convivial atmosphere.

Other uses being: Family functions; Grazings’ committee meetings; Lectures; Whist drives and a Shetland Arts – Hansel of Film event as part of the Olympic Celebrations. There is no doubt that the Hall is providing a very valuable amenity for the local community.

The HHAA is of course actively seeking other local groups/individuals to increase the usage of the hall.

One of the problems of course is before we can have the hall running on a self sufficiency basis we need to pull in as much funding from external sources as possible. For this we do need your advice. For example as a bit of chicken and egg scenario: There is very little storage in the hall for say sports equipment as in for example carpet bowls. To encourage such activities we need storage but no storage no activity! Another expense we have is to erect an acceptable fence around the boundary to keep the local livestock out. This also entails installing an appropriate gate system. We know what we require but just need the funds to do it.