The building, following negotiations with the local authority and energetic fund raising activities of local people, is now leased to the Drumbeg Development Association from the Highland Council. This first lease is for 25 years. Drumbe25

The committee plan to renovate and make fit for purpose a portion of the old school (closed in 1996) designated as the Drumbeg Village Hall. it still requires substantial modernisation to meet current Health and Safety Regulations and to prevent further deterioration of the building. The building also requires extensive repair and the addition of kitchen and toilet facilities in order to meet building and public entertainments licence requirements.  The size and structure of the existing building is suitable for use, but it is set in grounds which will require modifications to the existing drainage. Over 10K has been raised locally in the last 2 years and recently been turned down for Lottery grants.

The intended use of the modernised building is to provide social, economic, sporting and educational activities which are currently unavailable to residents due to the distance of Drumbeg from other population centres. The hall serves 3 townships with a combined population of about 100.

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