About CVS North

CVS North is an organization for community and voluntary groups, providing   practical support, and building skills and confidence to ensure that North   West Sutherland has a  thriving voluntary and community sector.
1. Communication & Representation – to support the community by setting up forums for discussion and exchange of ideas across the area. Identify the full range of community and voluntary organisations in the area to allow access to it’s services, by building links between different groups and provide representation of groups needs to all interested parties.

2. Growth – to increase the capacity of the community by helping identify needs and developing new organisations or services to meet those needs.

3. Support – to support the work of the voluntary sector in a practical way through offering a range of services.


CVS North can  help organisations to become established by providing   help and advice on many topics including:

  • forming a committee,
  • adopting a   constitution,
  • obtaining charitable status,
  • employment contracts,
  • recruitment,
  • business and development plans,
  •  becoming a company, etc.


Our Development officers can assist with identification of sources of   funding and making effective funding applications to help groups start up,   enhance or expand existing activities.

CVS North can help existing organisations with a range of services.    These include training courses, marketing opportunities such as exhibitions,   advertising in local press, access to funding information, and a range of   Office Services.

  • Sources of Funding
  • Grant-Aid
  • Constitutions
  • Charitable Status
  • Training Courses
  • Use of advertising space in the Northern Times for fund-raising activities

Registered in Scotland
A Company Limited by Guarantee
No SC273125 Charity No. SC 039184
Bettyhill, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 7SS.
Tel: 01971 511783