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CVS North is the North west Sutherland Volunteer Centre with responsibility for Development of volunteering. In essence this means putting volunteering into a formal recording system and encouraging Saltire awards. We support individuals and groups to recruit and fulfil the necessary requirements building a national volunteering database with HTSP partners and volunteering officers to promote and understand the volunteering landscape.

In reality volunteering has always been the lifeblood of community action in this area, CVS North is challenged with assisting groups to establish a more formal footing

Growing the Sector


CVS North continues to help groups with funding applications, constitutions, etc.  At present we have over 175 groups on our database and approximately two thirds of these groups can be contacted by e-mail. Both development officers are dynamically involved in a variety of voluntary groups which gives CVS North a profound understanding of requirements and desires of community voluntary groups.

 CVS North has become recognised a point of contact for many established groups embarking on new projects and new groups requiring guidance and support

The Highland Third Sector Partnership

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The Highland Third Sector Partnership (HTSP) is the single interface for the Highland area. There are 10 members comprising the Highland Partnership and they are committed to working together with a common purpose and shared values and principles to represent and deliver the four core functions of a Third Sector Interface. They work to develop greater coherence, a stronger collective voice and impact, and to maximise service delivery leading to improved outcomes for the Third Sector within Highland, to attain quality standards and frameworks; in particular, all partners are committed to attaining the Committed to Excellence award through EFQM.


The HTSP will be the single point of contact for the Scottish Government and The Highland Council in all matters relating to the Single Interface Delivery Framework. It will be responsible for all interface function, finance, delivery and reporting; it will achieve this by contractual arrangements between the HTSP and its member partners ensuring measurable delivery of the four interface functions both across all local areas in Highland and at Highland level.